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I’ll take the occasional rain cloud over unrelenting sunshine every time

A man I used to work with at a place I no longer worked at contacted me on messenger. He was super attractive and I was willing to see where this would lead.

We had a great rapport at work, flirty with chemistry. He was a single parent, I was a single parent, and we enjoyed each other’s company. Once I moved on to another job, he reached out and we would chat daily on messenger. We missed working together and missed each other’s fun work camaraderie.

Over the next few weeks, our online chats became more flirty and he…

Becoming a new writer is an exciting possibility, and help is always near

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I first turned to the internet to find work when I was at home recovering from a broken knee… cue for the cringe. Yes, it hurt.

Fortunately, finding work to do from home has never been easier. If you’re ready to get away from your day job, freelance writing can help you achieve that goal.

It was a few years ago when I was laid up with my broken kneww, and digital entrepreneurship was just taking off. I knew there was money to be made but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it.

After plenty of online research zoning…

A letter of personal reflection to myself 25 years later.

It’s taken me a few years to realize the true value of life. At one point life was just day to day, just getting through the day… living for the weekend essentially.

Now I realize life is every moment and every day. It’s admiring the unusual shape of a tree (I love trees) or it’s walking home loaded with groceries and getting caught in a torrential downpour.

Life is reading a magazine while waiting for your clothes to dry at your neighbourhood laundromat. Life is those moments with your family, friends and loved ones. …

Time to spend time on yourself and feel great in the mornings

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It’s a drag to always feel tired. I’ve been fighting fatigue for pretty much 10 years.

I came to the realization that yes… I wake up still tired. And it’s this tiredness that is taking over my life. So I realized I need to make a change.

I’m taking back the control. I’m losing the brain fog and about 100 pounds of sluggishness.

I first want to mention a disclaimer:

***Extreme fatigue could be a symptom of something serious. It’s always best to get any fatigue that you can’t shake for over 2 weeks checked by a medical professional. Another cause of fatigue could be sleep apnea. This is a sleep disorder that disrupts your breathing…

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Your design, your magazine and your stories… it’s possible

To start an independent lifestyle magazine has been a dream of mine for a long time.

There’s a range of options online to create any type of magazine, however, HTML5 magazines are the most user-friendly. They can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. They offer a magazine flip responsive feature and are multi-media rich and interactive.

This option offers an immersive reading experience. The images are ideal and this digital option is as close to a print magazine as you can get.

Firstly you’ll need to know the behind-the-scenes marketing and tech stuff.

As in any business, you’ll…

The most natural way to prepare for love

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I’ll never forget the breakup from my first love. It was crushing. I didn’t think it possible for anyone to ever love me again. We were together for 10 years and he simply moved on.

That period of time was a blur. Pretty much the only memory of the breakup was my best friend bringing a potted tree to my apartment. It was an offering to take me out that night, knowing I wouldn’t be able to say no after being given a tree.

I wish at that time I had the knowledge of meditation. Even though this ancient form…

Experts explain the qualities to build a successful business

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The satisfaction of running your own business and working for yourself is a dream for many.

Unfortunately, our own attitudes and flaws get in the way. This can keep us from truly reaching financial freedom and success.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of entrepreneurship, or already knee-deep, here are some factors that can prevent you from reaching that magic plateau.

Imposter syndrome is real. It can begin as early as high school. Some may not feel they’re on the same level as the other students. Even if they get good grades, they may believe it was a fluke or luck.


Confidence, self-esteem, power and success are interconnected and begins with you

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Fake it till you make it has always been my motto, and to an extent it’s true. As someone who grew up in poverty, I learned to never let others see me as a weak force. And therefore, I didn’t.

I walked into the food bank with a cheerful attitude. And I walked out with a sincere thank you, and my head held high because hey…life happens. And I was not ashamed to be there. No way.

This was my power at that time.

My mother always told me, just because you need to stand in the social assistance line…

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15 signs to watch for when that new relationship starts feeling…a little off

He was beginning to wonder if she had any interest in his interests at all. They were on a patio of a popular restaurant with romantic surroundings and great food. Only, she’s been texting the entire time. When she wasn’t on her phone, she was looking around to see who else was in the restaurant. She constantly talked over him and didn’t seem to hear a word he ever spoke.

He’s been trying to feel a connection with her for a few months now, but he doesn’t know if that’s even a possibility for anyone, let alone himself. …

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Stories that will take you to the far corners of the globe when the globe is in a full lock-down

I know I'm not alone when I say how much I miss the opportunity to jump onto a plane to travel somewhere, anywhere.

Although our skies and oceans were in much need of a break from these super polluters, I do miss the allure of someplace new.

I miss the sounds, the sight and smells of a different culture, city or country.

I miss spending the first day in a novice place just walking around the neighbourhood to get my bearings. …

Kathy Lum

I’m a writer of lifestyle, health, mental wellness, and living the best life possible.

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